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We love a wedding!

Live music for a wedding is a speciality of ours; we take time to make sure all the music we provide is just right for you and all your guests. We’ve got something for everyone – from swing and rock’n’roll to classic Motown, disco and current chart hits.

We understand the importance of getting the music for your wedding day just perfect.

Just like designing your wedding cake, there are many musical tiers that we can offer.

Top Tier
Personalised music for your ceremony
Your ceremony is the most intimate part of the day. So why not enhance that special time when you are exchanging your vows with beautifully crafted, personalised live music? We start by playing to welcome your guests as they begin to gather, setting just the right ambiance for the ceremony about to follow. In the lead up to your wedding we ask you to think about three really meaningful songs for your entrance music, signing the register & the happy couples exit. Music can be arranged in a style to suit your day and your own personal taste. Often a stripped back, chilled, acoustic version of your favourite song works really well and makes the ceremony really personal to you. Equally, a full production of your favourite happy tune to walk out to adds a really memorable touch  to the  celebrations of the rest of the day.

Middle Tier
Relaxing ‘patio’ music to drink, chat and dine to
Music in the middle of the celebrations can add so much to your day. Maybe some live music as you arrive back from the church or straight after your ceremony or whilst you are having photos taken? A time when everyone’s glasses are charged and they’re ready to enjoy time chatting with the newlyweds. Music through your wedding breakfast can create that warm welcoming atmosphere that helps bring everyone together. Eclipse can play a selection unobtrusive of jazz, swing and relaxing, modern day covers to create the perfect backdrop for your guests to enjoy.

Bottom Tier
Simply great party music for your Wedding Reception
This is such a great part of your celebrations. A time for everyone to let their hair down and celebrate with the newlyweds. We start by playing some music as everyone gets together – time for evening guests join your day guests. Then its time to kick start the dancing with your choice of first dance. This can be a romantic spotlight for you both or a big party tune to get everyone on the floor – whatever you fancy? With the dance floor full we launch into two sets of non-stop party music. We will play a combination of all styles of music to keep everyone happy. If you would like any other special dances like a Father and Daughter dance we will happily learn something special for you too. We will work with you right from our very first meeting to make sure the vision you have comes to life to create beautiful memories.

Each wedding is unique and it is difficult for us to give you a comprehensive quote for your live music until we understand how you would like your day to go.   But to give you some idea.

One tier from £650
Two tiers from £850
Three tiers from £1,200

Totally Tailored
If you have a vision of how you want your day to be we would love to work with you to provide the perfect personalised musical experience.

Price On Application

For enquiries and bookings call Ian on 01206 386 124

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